10 Best Photo Management Apps For Android in 2022

Have trouble managing your media files, especially photos on your android smartphone? 

Well, you are not alone in this and we definitely have a solution to your problem. 

One of the best ways is to get the best photo management application for the purpose. Here is a list of the 10 best photo management apps for android in 2022. 

  1. Posemap:

If you are looking for the best photo management application for android this year, then Posemap surely stands on the top of this list. With high-class technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Organisational Assistance, it offers excellent photo management features along with cloud storage. The application reminds you to organize the files and also to remove the duplicate files from time to time to keep your gallery updated always. 

  1. Google Photos:

Google Photos is a common name that you will come across for any android smartphone. Even most android smartphones may have this application in-built today. It helps you in taking back up all your media files from your device so that they stay safe in the cloud and also you can organize and manage your files pretty well. 

  1. Flickr:

The next application on the list of Flickr due to its features of automatic uploads and smart search. Though you get some free space, you have to upgrade your plan to increase your space afterward as per your requirement. 

  1. Amazon Photos:

Amazon has come up as a reliable name in different segments and now it offers a reliable photo management application too. The AI-supported application comes free for Amazon Prime users and others can get it with a minimum fee. 

  1. Memoria Photo Gallery:

Memoria Photo Gallery is an exclusive photo management application for android. The application not just helps you in saving your media files but also helps you in sorting these files into different categories such as date, location, and others. Though you can use the application for free, you can get the upgraded version to enjoy ad-free services. 

  1. Slidebox:

If you have been using Tinder, you will find Slidebox quite easy to use due to the swipe feature. With simple swipes, you can either sort your photos or can even delete the files that you do not require. 

  1. A+ Gallery:

If you have an android device but you wish to get the look of an iOS phone, then A+ Gallery can fulfill your wish. This cloud-based application has colourful themes and helps in sorting the files date-wise, location-wise, and through many other categories. It also offers a map view of the images if you are sorting the images location-wise. 

  1. PhotoSync:

PhotoSync offers certain photo management and organization features while its main feature is to allow the transfer of files cross-platform such as from an android device to an iOS device. While the application offers backup and other features on iOS devices for a minimum fee, it is absolutely free for your android devices. 

  1. F-Stop Gallery:

If you have been looking for a pretty powerful photo management application for android, F-Stop Gallery is definitely for you. It comes along with some brilliant features such as smart search, tagging, and even organizing the images in albums or folders. You can make use of the drag and drop function to avail of different features and also the application comes along with a privacy protection feature to keep your files secure. 

  1. Piktures:

Piktures is known for its simple interface where you will find just three panes. You will have to sort and browse through the images by swiping left and right. The application also offers geotagging feature and you can check out the images in a calendar view too. You can make use of different editing tools available such as for the purpose of creating a slideshow or resizing your media files according to your needs. 

So, here is the list of 10 best photo management apps for android in 2022. All you need to do is to go through the features and then select the right one that suits your requirement.

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