Best gallery apps for iOS in 2022

While the Android platform boasts several gallery apps available, the number of options for iOS is also no less. If you are an owner of an iOS smartphone device and are looking for an application that can help you in organizing and manage your media files, here is a list of the best gallery apps for iOS in 2022 available. 

Google Photos:

Whether you are using an Apple phone or an Android one, Google photos is one such gallery application that is most commonly used by users. If you are an Apple user and you are not very happy with the Stock Photos application of Apple devices, then you surely will wish to try out this free-to-use application. Not only does Google Photos help you in taking backup of all the media files that you have on your device but also helps you in organizing them for a better browsing experience. The only problem that you face while using Google Photos is that the application often compresses the media files which may reduce the quality of some of the files that you have. 


If you do not wish to compromise the quality of media files that you have got, Posemap is a perfect option for your iOS device. As it is a cloud storage application, you do not have to worry about space while the application is saving all your device files as backup. Also, Posemap offers a huge range of features that you may not find in many other gallery applications available. 

The amazing combination of Organisational Assistance and Artificial Intelligence makes it a perfect platform to organize your images with ease. Also, the AI technology offers you smart browsing and smart search option. 


Another easy-to-use gallery application that you can come across for your iOS platform is Slidebox. The functions of the application are easy such as you just have to swipe the images left and right to navigate through the files. Also, you can delete any unwanted file by swiping the file upwards. You can create categories to organize the images according to your needs which makes your search experience even better. 


If you are tired of a messy photo gallery, MyPics is another gallery application for iOS to help you. It offers you a calendar view of the images and when you click on a particular image, it takes you to the location of the image through the map view. Apart from such navigational features, MyPics also offer you editing tools and can get integrated with your Dropbox account. 

Tidy Gallery:

If you are an iOS device user, Tidy Gallery is another great recommendation to manage your device gallery. It operates almost in a similar way to how Slidebox does such as swiping the images for browsing and deleting. But Tidy Gallery also offers many other features such as you can put your images in different folders for better organization of the files on your device. The application also alerts you about duplicate files so that you can delete them and save space. 

Moreover, you can have a good number of gallery apps for iOS in 2022 available from which you can choose the one that is absolutely suitable for you. 

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