The Best Photo Organizer Apps in 2022

With the onset of so many high-tech smartphone options with high-end camera lenses, most users prefer capturing moments through their smartphone cameras themselves. Of course, you can conveniently click any picture that you wish to with just a few clicks on your phone. 

But just clicking pictures is not enough, you also need to organize them well so that you do not misplace them. Thus, along with a good camera phone, you also require a good photo organizer. Today, you can come across several photo organizer applications, and here are some of the best in the year 2022. 


Posemap offers to be the best photo organizer application of the year 2022 that is perfect for Android as well as Apple users. This AI-equipped application helps the users in organizing all the images in the right order according to the user’s requirement. The technologies used in the application also offer a number of features to the users such as:

  • Reminding the users to organize the images in the gallery
  • Managing space by identifying and notifying to remove similar or duplicate files
  • The combination of Organisational Assistance and AI helps in better search
  • Organisational Assistance also offers a comfortable navigation and browsing experience

With so many available features, Posemap is offering a high-class experience to the users in comparison to other available photo organizer applications this year. 

Google Photos

Google Photos is the most commonly used photo organizer and it is available for both Android as well as Apple devices. There are several features due to which Google Photos has become one of the favourite options in photo organizer apps of 2022.

  • Cloud storage for maximum space
  • Convenient due to cross-device syncing
  • Stores images in original quality also
  • Automatically takes backup of the images to keep your files safe
  • Smart Assistance enables convenient search and management
  • Different editing tools are available 

Google Photos is available for free for both operating platforms. 

Apple Photos:

Apple Photos is an exclusive photo organizer for the users of Apple devices. With several updates over the years, the application is now loaded with a number of features.

  • Users can browse images by date, place, or even people
  • Creating custom albums of the images is possible
  • The AI technology helps in creating memories
  • The application is equipped with several editing tools and also sharing in different messengers is quite easy

Apple Photos also can be availed for free initially but you may have to pay afterward to increase your storage capacity. 

Amazon Photos:

Earlier Amazon Photos was only for Amazon Prime members but now it is open to everyone. It is only Amazon Prime subscribers can avail of the services of Amazon Photos for free while others have to pay a minimum fee for using Amazon Photos. The application comes in handy with some crucial features.

  • Users get to store their files of images and videos in cloud storage
  • The application helps in syncing files from any device under a stable network connection
  • The AI technology of the application allows functions such as family sharing.

Amazon Photos is available on the platforms Android and Apple.  

Apart from these known names, there are also many other photo organizer apps that are held best in 2022. Some other applications that are also worth trying are Flickr, Slidebox, PhotoSync, and Piktures. 

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